As an experiment I have written a simple auto logging agent for Java programs. This logging agent inserts tracing code to Java programs during runtime. The LogAgent is using the standard logging facilities of the Java environment, as introduced in Java 1.4, and the instrumentation interface introduced in Java 1.5. (Hence the minumum requirement is a Java 1.5 environment.)
The LogAgent can be used to trace execution of Java programs that do not have logging added during programming. The LogAgent adds logging automatically during runtime.
The logging that has to take place can be configured extensively. Packages and classes to be logged can be selected using a simple configuration file, and when wanted specific methods can be excluded. An output file can be configured as well. In case no configuration file is passed as command line parameter a default configuration is used.
At this moment only entering methods is logged.
The current version of the LogAgent is version 0.2.

Download the LogAgent

The Manual for the LogAgent

The Changes in the LogAgent

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