The following version 1 UUID / GUID is generated for your use:


This UUID is generated according to RFC 4122 Using the timestap / nodeid version (version 1), where the nodeid comes from network equipment I own.

Generate multiple UUIDs at once: (at most 500 at once)
Generate UUIDs of another type:
Generate UUIDs in uppercase
Generate UUIDs with braces {}

This type of UUID is generated using the current time, a clock id which changes in case the current time is found to be older than the latest known time a UUID is generated and an IEE 802 hardware address which should be unique.Still the following disclaimer applies:
The provided UUID (GUID) is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind, not even the warranty that the generated UUID is actually unique. The entire risk of using this UUID is upto you. If you cannot agree to those terms do not use the generated UUID.
Please do not use UUID from a cached paged.

If you need fresh UUIDs in your program or script at runtime, please make use of a suitable function or library, and please do not try to DDOS this page.

Extract the time from a version 1 UUID

More information about UUIDs.

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